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Are you a professional involved in interior design (architect, acoustic and sound design consultant, interior decorator etc)?

Are you looking to improve the acoustics of a given environment?

AudiCare France can accompany you throughout your project.

A showroom is at your disposal


3-D Simulator

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Technical assistance

Show us your project; we will listen carefully and will place our technical know-how at your disposal.

We have a network of acoustics experts who contribute their technical know-how in working out the right quantities for acoustic solutions.


Client follow-through

We can provide personalised consulting in order to help you better answer your clients needs.

We are at your disposal in a reactive and committed way to assist with your projects in providing efficient acoustic services.

Client follow through
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On-site services

Just ask us: we will send a technician to your site for one or several hours of discussion and consulting.

Depending on the type of environment, he will demonstrate various relevant acoustic solutions, along with our colour chart.

Delivery and installation

Our acoustic solutions are available all over France and abroad. We work hand-in-hand with a transportation network to ship your products.

Our technical and acoustic know-how enable us to perform installations ourselves.