The RidPhonic® 15dB is a dual-effect stop noise curtain with 4 layers of which 2 thick insulators 4mm thick each sandwiched inside, protects against noise (up to 15dB) and cold. It is 10 mm thick and its weight is 6kg. System fixing of 8 eyelets with a diameter of 40 mm.

Proposed dimension: 260 (h) x145 (l) cm. It is possible to make a dimension to measure according to the ordered quantity.

The RidPhonic® 15dB reduces any type of noise such as road noise, noise, etc.

The RidPhonic® is a patented Made in France product of exceptional technical quality while being aesthetic. It is available in 2 colors Gray (Gray Pearl and Gray Anthracite) with the possibility to have another colors if you need more quantity. The lining (backside fabrics) is white for all RidPhonic®.