Over 10 years experience

AudiCare France is your acoustic solutions manufacturer.

Our know-how is available to accompany you in controlling unwanted noise i.e. when you seek to create a haven of peace in your environment.

Our goal is to design and manufacture innovative and elegant acoustic solutions.

We work with shapes, relief and colours in creating unique and customisable models.

We fight against:

Noise in company environments

Noise is harmful for our hearing and for our health. In the workplace, certain noises are veritable sonic nuisances (machines, ongoing conversations etc)

The consequences of these excessive decibels (depending on how long the ears are exposed and on noise intensity): loss of hearing and nervous fatigue; in certain cases they may even cause early heart attacks and strokes.

Cared-for personnel are motivated and productive personnel

Ambient noise

Our goal is to accompany acoustic experts, architects and interior design professionals in reducing noise in spaces open to the public (restaurants, shops, hotels etc).

For example, company canteens are a place of relaxation for personnel, who spend around 20 hours every month there. And yet, they are awash with noise: this causes fatigue and does not encourage the personnel to take their meals there.

A client satisfied with your acoustic solution will become a loyal client! “

Road noise

Tourists and business travellers are present in cities in great numbers. They can choose from a large range of hotels: above all they want to be able to sleep properly!

AudiCare France has created an anti-noise screen that can be fitted behind a curtain or a door to improve acoustic comfort In hotels, companies and in the home.

“Equip your hotel rooms with RidPhonic® to satisfy your clients and you will stand out from the competition”