Impact of noise in the work environment

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According to a survey* carried out for the Plantronics Corporation, 93.5% of co-workers complain of noise in the workplace. This source of discontent has a negative impact on co-workers and on their ability to do their job.

The main sources of noise at work:

  • noisy colleagues
  • poor on-site acoustics
  • telephones ringing; machine noise

The negative effects of noise:

  • loss of productivity; reduced commitment
  • stress; headaches
  • frustrated clients who are asked to repeat themselves (especially in open spaces)

Noise is increasingly perceived as an issue; it hinders collaboration between team members; it has an overall negative impact on the Company; it lowers productivity.

How can you improve your company’s productivity and protect yourself against noise?

*survey carried out by Opinion Matters. 250 co-workers who were interrogated in Germany, France and Great Britain (1000 people per country) in February 2015.